Where’s the cheapest loan for the holidays? At a bank or loan company


Even for the month of Christmas, so the pre-Christmas period began for good. Supermarkets have just rolled hard works in the form of ads aimed at encouraging us to do the largest shopping. Banks and loan companies offer their help to all those who need additional cash during this period. I will not write about promotions in the first ones. I will check for where to get a Christmas loan, not to lose too much.

I decided that I will write the topic of Christmas borrowing into three different options, namely bank proposals – it is known to whom. Tempos – for those who want to borrow not much but pay off quickly. Non-bank loans in installments for those who can not get credit from the bank.

Christmas loan

The product you want to use depends on what you need extra cash for. If for paying back any outstanding bills or other charges, here, of course, the only sensible solution would be a cash loan. The credit line in the account is also very interesting. The latter may even be a better option, provided the bank gives it to us. As I know from experience, banks prefer to provide loans rather than limits in accounts, unless we have a large monthly income and we can transfer it to a bank account.

If we do not have a large income and we can not get a limit in the account, then we still have the option of a cash loan. As you know, such loans in each bank will have different interest rates, amount of commission and insurance, etc. Before we decide on a specific loan offer for holidays, it is worth checking a few offers and choosing the one that is the most advantageous for us and therefore the lowest installment. However, it is worth remembering not to ask for such a loan in too many bank branches because every single bank will make inquiries in BIK databases. And if there are too many such queries, the banks may become suspicious, thinking that we can apply for a loan at several banks at the same time and our loan application can ultimately be rejected. A much better solution will be to check the cost of the loan using a credit comparison engine or using the free assistance of a financial advisor.

If you care about time and are interested in the possibility of getting a loan without presenting income statements, then I can recommend this article on the blog which I posted a few months ago.

Credit card – I wrote about it a few days ago in a separate article, so if someone is interested in details, I refer to him. A credit card will be the best solution for those people who need cash for .. shopping. They can therefore be purchases of groceries that will be useful for us to take a holiday, gifts for the holidays or any other that we will make in a store or supermarket that accepts payment by card. One of the main advantages of shopping with a credit card is the possibility of taking advantage of the interest-free period, which usually amounts to 56 days and if we repay the entire debt within this period, we will not pay any additional costs from such an operation.

And if we do not manage to pay off the whole amount we paid for shopping, nothing will happen because we can pay the debt gradually. We pay in each month as much as we are able but no less than the minimum fee. What is the minimum loan repayment fee? The bank will inform us about it with a text message every month.

Moments or Christmas loan for a short time

Moments or Christmas loan for a short time

This loan for the holidays, it seems commendable to those who intend to borrow quickly, and have the opportunity to take advantage of the available promos of the first minute for PLN 0 . As you probably know this kind of promotion, you’ll find out in most companies that give such loans. I will not recommend specific companies here, but if you are interested in the subject of such a moment, I refer to my last payday rankings from the last two months, namely November and October . I will only complete a very good offer for Wonga , who can borrow up to PLN 1,500 for the first loan, 60 days for a new loan and only 10 PLN for the loan.

Non-bank loans for holidays with longer repayment

Such a loan for holidays is likely to interest those people who have a problem with the rejected loan application they filed with the bank. Nowadays, this is no problem and if the bank rejected your application, it is not worth breaking down and looking for a good offer from the company that provided us with a non-bank loan. In this topic, I could also refer to two articles that I have recently made, i.e. loans with a 3-month and a 6-month repayment period . These articles, however, relate only to offers that you get online and without having to visit stationary outlets.

It is worth to mention here, however, one more, probably known to many people, namely the Provider. This year the company’s offer has undergone a real metamorphosis. One of the main surprises are the costs of loans, which in the cheapest options are similar to bank loans. However, this applies only to the Transfer option in the Standard package. The maximum amount of cash loans available in Providence is currently up to PLN 15,000. So if you have a problem with getting a loan from the bank, first steps would be directed to Provident. However, only if you are interested in the cheapest option available, bypassing the Home option from a distance. Contrary to the popular opinion on the Providenc available on the Internet , this company has changed in recent years and it is now and much more advantageous for the potential borrower than in the last decade. I know because I borrowed …


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