The packaging of Antiquary whiskey is redesigned


Tomatin Distillery Co has given its brand of premium blended Scotch whiskey, The Antiquary, a new look to breathe new life into it, while retaining the history and provenance of one of the oldest Scotch whiskey brands. of the market.

The iconic diamond-cut bottle remains, but it’s in a taller, sleeker, and more sophisticated form. Pocket Rocket Creative have designed new labels and secondary packaging to showcase the unique shape of the bottle, which apart from the high malt whiskey content inside is arguably one of the main selling points of the brand.

The Antiquaire, with its expressions 12 years and 21 years, is sold all over the world, with significant commercial success in France, Portugal, Russia, Angola, the United Kingdom and the United States. The new label designs were tested in Chile in 2014 and will now be deployed worldwide.

“L’Antiquary has been around since 1888 and, particularly in the UK, is known as the blend that ‘my grandfather drank,’ says Jennifer Masson, Marketing Manager. “We want to challenge this perception and breathe new life into this deserving institution. The new packaging will attract a larger and younger population without alienating our existing customers. The Antiquary is a cut above other blends on the market; with 45% malt, all three expressions are smooth and easy to drink.

Stephen Bremner, Sales Director, expects sales to pick up again following the overhaul: “Much like the Tomatin distillery, the Antiquary brand has been a sleeping giant. With the new packaging, I expect to attract new customers in new markets, especially in South America. We’ve also changed the recipe for our entry-level expression, to better reflect the original recipe used by the Hardie brothers in 1888, resulting in the smoothest blend in recent years.

Del Sneddon, Principal Designer of The Antiquary Project, said: “The distinctive bottle of The Antiquary with its unique facets has charmed many for decades. We decided to further improve its shape by creating a bespoke label that follows the geometric shape of the front face and also improves visibility. More details and calligraphy within the label have also been added to “premiumize” the design and a cleaner typography for the brand name has been introduced to update it. The outer cartons proudly represent The Antiquary’s distinctive contours for ultimate impact.

The new packaging will be gradually rolled out worldwide over the next few months – the 12 and 21 year old expressions are only available in select markets.

Pocket Rocket Creative, based in Stirling, central Scotland, was established in 2007 and has five employees, including three directors (Gary Dawson, Gary Doherty, Del Sneddon). The agency received the award for best design agency in the world at the 2014 World Whiskey Awards.

May 11, 2015 – Felicity Murray The Beverages Report, Editor


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