‘The gold endures’: HS Perlin Co. banking on relationships in its 61st year


Company Spotlight:

In an effort to help clients grow and protect their wealth, gold investment advisory firm HS Perlin Co. Inc. is celebrating over 60 years of gold appreciation.

HS Perlin Co., at 1110 Silverado St. in La Jolla, offers its clients “assistance in acquiring a small percentage of gold for the protection, diversification and enjoyment of their wealth,” according to its president, Joel Perlin.

“I meet with the individual client…to achieve their goals based on [their] desire and what their interests are,” he said, whether it’s gold coins, estate jewelry or something else.

Perlin took over the business from his father, Herbert, who started it in 1961.

HS Perlin Co.’s services are offered by appointment only, which Perlin says gives it the opportunity to “provide good service and meet customer needs.”

“We are a relationship business,” he said. Many of his clients have stayed with him “for many decades, and in some cases I assist the second and third generations.”

Perlin said his services provide “a safety valve. I like to say that gold is the ultimate financial insurance.

HS Perlin Co. Inc. on Silverado Street celebrates its 61st year as a gold investment advisory firm.

(Elisabeth Frausto)

Gold is “part of what I call ‘diversified asset protection’ which is fun and enjoyable,” Perlin said. “If you spend years acquiring gold and using it as part of a diversified financial strategy [portfolio], your advantage is physical property. … You could have had a lot of fun, played to your strengths, and that’s much appreciated.

The value of gold has tripled since 2008, said Perlin, who advises people to allocate 5% of their investment portfolios to physical gold.

“Some people just want real estate,” he said. “Some people just want stocks. [But] no one should have their investment eggs in one basket.

Perlin also said gold is “a very liquid asset should there ever be a need for people to have immediate access” to funds.

The desirability of gold is global, Perlin said, pointing to gold coins from countries such as Australia, Tunisia and the United States. “Gold is universal and has been for centuries.”

The precious metal “is still manufactured by our government today,” he added.

Gold’s longevity as an investment led Perlin to create the “Gold Lasts” service mark, which is also the company’s website address. “There is something permanent about gold,” he said.

Perlin also relates “Gold endures” to the business: “We have been providing our clients with services in the area of ​​collectibles, estate jewelry and precious metals for all these decades. We and the gold have endured.

HS Perlin Co. has been a member of the Professional Numismatists Guild as an Accredited Precious Metals Dealer for 34 years, which Perlin says is “significant [because] this assures the customer that they are dealing with someone legitimate.

He said the PNG certification means his work is “guaranteed: authenticity, quality and trade”.

“In the years I’ve been here in La Jolla, there have been ups and downs in the economy,” Perlin said. “I’ve been able to help a lot of people at different times, through the acquisition or disposition ability, to be able to overcome some challenges. … That’s why I’m still excited about it.

For more information, call (858) 459-7803 or visit goldendures.com.

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