The 5 best Fortnite skins players want to return to the Item Shop


Since its inception, Fortnite Battle Royale has seen countless character skins in the game. While some of them are extremely common, some are very rare and only belong to the inventory of a handful of people. .

There are several players who are dedicated to playing Fortnite at the moment. As a reward for their support, they want some of the OG skins to return to the Item Shop. While there may be personal preferences, almost all players want certain skins they missed to return to the game.

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The most popular Fortnite skins fans want in the item store

Not all players have started playing Fortnite Battle Royale since its release. The majority of OG Fortnite players have had the opportunity to purchase or grind some of the game’s rarer skins. Here are the top 5 skins Fortnite players now want to return to the Item Shop:

5) Dark Knight

The Black Knight skin in Fortnite was technically not an item store skin. It was once considered one of the sweatiest skins, as it was the level 70 skin for the Chapter 1 Season 2 Battle Pass.

Back then, Fortnite didn’t have as many players as it does today. This means that many players have missed this sweaty skin and want Epic Games to bring it to the item store in the future. However, all of those players who worked hard to get the Black Knight skin would definitely be upset if that happened.

4) Catalyst

Catalyst is another popular battle pass skin that players want to see in the Item Shop. This character was a Level 1 skin in the Fortnite Season X Battle Pass, and his “Surcharged” style is one of the most amazing skins in the game to date.

While Catalyst might not be that rare, it’s still popular because of its looks. Only the best players roam the island donning the Catalyst skin, and who wouldn’t want the chance to show it off.

3) ghoul soldier

Ghoul Trooper is the original Fortnitemares skin, and only those who played the game in October 2017 had the skin. However, Epic Games has re-released the skin to the Item Store after massive fan demand. This clearly shocked the original owners of the skin.

Regardless, several players still missed the second chance to own the Ghoul Trooper skin in Fortnite and want another chance to get it.

2) John Wick

The infamous Assassin remains one of the sweatiest Fortnite skins of all time. John Wick originally came to the Battle Royale game in 2019 as a promotion for the film. However, many players missed the opportunity to purchase the skin.

2 years ago today – John Wick officially came to Fortnite! ??

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Once again, Epic reissued the John Wick Fortnite skin earlier this year. However, the excitement around this character never wanes. The hype around John Wick will increase again when Part 4 of the film series releases next year.

1) Midas

Midas is arguably one of the most popular characters in Fortnite. It is very relevant to the current battle royale game storyline. Naturally, everything about Midas gets extremely high profile.

As fans wait for more information on the fate of Midas, they would love to play the role of the character. Many players are desperate to see the Midas Fortnite skin return to the Item Shop.

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