Slant Street Records opens with curated vinyl selection | Music


After years of hunting down, buying and selling vinyl records in person and online, two collectors from Missoula have opened a physical store, Slant Street Records.

Collin Pruitt and Mike Steinberg want their space on Higgins Avenue organized, so people don’t have to flip through, say, stacks of dollar copies of Perry Como to get to John Coltrane.

For Steinberg, collecting vinyl records is a never-ending quest.

“You’re interested in an artist and you go through their entire discography,” with “continual musical veins to explore,” he said.

For Pruitt, there is something special about finding old vinyl and saving it from the sometimes dirty trash cans, cleaning it up, and putting it in a new sleeve. Then you can “bring him to a place among his peers” and change his context.

The day before its official opening, the exhibition walls of Slant Street had only room for sought-after classics: “Blue” by Joni Mitchell, “Eastern Sounds” by Yusef Lateef, the Talking Heads debut album, “Talking Heads: 77 “, and the soundtrack to David Lynch’s film” Eraserhead “. (Steinberg is also the executive director of the Roxy Theater.)

Gender doesn’t matter as much to them as quality, said Pruitt. They’ve got country and western, rock and pop, psychedelic and garage rock, jazz and soul, and less easily classified finds like cult composer Moondog. They have a section for 45 – a much more specialized article, Steinberg said – with artists as diverse as Mavis Staples and Nirvana.


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