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Octavio Ocaña did not go, there is evidence that someone pulled the trigger | Instagram

With the evidence in hand !, Mr. Octavio Perez and his legal and investigative team are looking for evidence and analyzing authorities’ files on the events of October 28 that killed his son, Octavio Ocaña.

Rumors that it wasn’t the same Octavio Ocana who actuated the device that ended his life, as the authorities say, started from the first moment, but now the experts would have in their hands proof that someone else pulled the trigger against the actor who gave life to Benito rivers in Neighbors.

After three weeks of the departure of the beloved “Benito” or “Tavito” as they affectionately called him, expert experts, some from the United States, had access to the investigation file of the case and determined that ‘there was no sign of the 22-year-old. years in the artefact, according to Arguende TV.

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The absence of traces of Octavio Ocaña would indicate that indeed he could not be the one who activated the device against him as it was presumed and unleashed the unknown that social networks have had from the beginning, who was it?

Experts shared that they already had access to the actor’s truck the family had been looking for for a long time and feared it might even be fixed; however, they found that there is indeed various evidence that they acted against him on several occasions and not just once as reported by the authorities and “on the air”.

Octavio Ocaña did not go, there is evidence that someone pulled the trigger. Photo: ..

Another very important and key piece of information is Octavio Ocaña’s clothes to which they did not have access; However, it is said that it could be this Friday or very soon that they have it, the clothes could give more clues to the case.

The investigators were sincere in sharing with the media that we will never know the truth about what happened that unfortunate October 28 and that only Octavio himself and his two companions will know it; However, they seek to get as close as possible to what may have happened to do the actor justice.

From the start, the father of Octavio Ocana He has shown his distrust of Mexican authorities and that is why he has indicated that he will not allow the exhumation of his son’s remains unless it is an expert from the United States who has indicated it is necessary. and that they are the ones who took the load.

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