Miss America Artifacts Will Be Available Online Via Rowan University | Story


“It’s a very important piece of New Jersey history… and an important piece of American history,” Turner said at the panel discussion. “It’s a fantastic record of changes in American culture.”

Digitization is still in its infancy, Turner said.

A legal deal between Rowan and Miss America was finalized in the spring, Turner said. Rowan and Miss America both invested money in the project. An online crowdfunding campaign was created to raise $ 25,000.

Miss America will be back in Atlantic City this week to celebrate her 100th birthday – sort of.

“I’m working on grants for federal funding,” Turner said.

A first attempt to receive money from the New Jersey Council for the Humanities failed, but Turner said she was still working there.

Some of Miss America’s artifacts can be found at the Digital Scholarship Center at the Campbell Library on the Rowan Campus.

If the item is small enough to fit on a scanner, it’s fairly easy to scan, but scanning a portrait is a more complex process that requires a studio, lighting and more equipment, she said. declared.

“We get by with what we have. We don’t have a studio, ”Turner said.

As a professor in the departments of History and American Studies, Turner is interested in the notes and documents that can be found among the artifacts.

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