Leaked new artifact sets for Defense characters and Healers


There are two major artifact sets to introduce in Genshin Impact 2.3: Husk of the Opulent Dreams and Ocean-Hued Clam. The former is for units that want DEF and Geo DMG, while the latter revolves entirely around healing.

Both 4-star and 5-star variants exist for these new Genshin Impact 2.3 artifacts.

These artifact sets have unique 4 piece set effects that several leaks have already revealed. Genshin Impact 2.3 starts on November 23, so travelers will see them in the game soon.

Husk of the Opulent Dreams and Ocean-Hued Clam will have the same sub-stats as other artifacts. Therefore, users will need to mine them in the domain that hosts them like most artifact sets.

New artifacts from Genshin Impact 2.3 leaks

This Genshin Impact 2.3 leak shows travelers what the new artifacts look like in the game. From left to right, it displays the following:

  1. Eonothem Cup
  2. Plume of death
  3. Logos Tiara
  4. Flower of Life
  5. Sands of Eon

The top set of artifacts is the Husk of Opulent Dreams, and the bottom is the Ocean-Hued Clam. Fortunately, there is more information about these Genshin Impact 2.3 artifacts.

Carcass of Opulent Dreams

Husk of Opulent Dreams2pc: DEF + 30% 4pc: The character’s Geo damage on the field grants + 6% DEF and + 6% Geo damage, up to a charge every 0.3s, for a maximum of 4 charges. Off the field, a stack is gained every 3 seconds. When new stacks are not gained, the buff loses a stack every 6s. https://t.co/fFjjj3lc4J

The 2 piece Artifact Set bonus is a fixed 30% DEF boost. This is the only 5-star 2-piece bonus to do so, as Defender’s Will is only available in the 3-star and 4-star variants. Characters who enjoy the scaling elements of DEF, such as Albedo and the upcoming Itto, can benefit from this effect.

His 4 coin bonus further increases the stakes. The active character’s Geo DMG will grant 6% DEF and Geo DMG. It is possible to get up to four stacks, and this can only happen once every 0.3 seconds.

Alternatively, the active character can gain a stack every three seconds if they are not on the field. They will lose a stack every six seconds if no new buff is acquired.

// Genshin Leaks You mean one of the new artifact sets is about Ei creating Scaramouche ??? https://t.co/ZBcDr15Us3

The names and descriptions of the individual Husk of Opulent Dreams artifacts are unknown at this time. However, there is a translation of part of the Genshin Impact 2.3 text. This is purely a rough translation, so part is subject to change for the official English localization.

Ocean-hued clam

According to the Genshin Impact 2.3 leaks, the 2 piece set bonus of this artifact is a 15% healing bonus. They also mention its 4 piece set effect, which involves the active character summoning a tinted foam into the sea when healing a character.

This Tinted Foam in the Sea is a small bubble that floats around players for three seconds. During this time, he will accumulate the amount of HP healed and treat them as DMG AOE to nearby enemies at the end.

This effect can only occur once every 3.5 seconds, and it can store up to 30,000 healed health.

The exciting part about these leaks is that some aspects have already been changed in the beta. For example, Ocean-Hued Clam was known as the Divine Chorus. Likewise, it had an effect where the 4 piece set could heal when the tinted foam in the sea exploded.

Therefore, travelers should never forget that leaks are subject to change.

Additionally, new Genshin Impact 2.3 leaks reveal that Ocean-Hued Clam artifacts have names and descriptions. This last part can be seen in the Reddit post above. The names are:

  • Sea tinted flower
  • Panache of the Deep Palace
  • Separation cowries
  • Pearl cage
  • Watatsumi Crown

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