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JOPLIN, Mo. – We get a new snapshot of life in the 1890s at Joplin. A preservation project in the historic district of Murphysburg reveals new details.

Hundreds of artefacts from everyday life near downtown Joplin. It is precisely the Schifferdecker and Zelleken houses which are being renovated.

“Honestly, I think I made the application about 30 minutes before the deadline,” said Madelyn Enlow, MSSU intern.

Madelyn Enlow didn’t think she would be chosen for the Joplin Historic Quarters project. She was happy to be wrong.

“Most internships in this field or internships anywhere, every time you study history, you work in a museum, you know, in the archives. And we just get a little bit of everything here, ”Enlow said.

She and her colleague Claire Colson, a student from Missouri Southern, spend the semester cleaning up artifacts, researching potential museum exhibits, and watching the past come to life.

“I mean, I came home and told my family everything and I’m pretty sure they are fed up with hearing it all, but it was really exciting to love being here,” said declared Claire Colson, MSSU intern.

They work with hundreds of artifacts found during on-site digs at 4th and Sergeant. It’s a snapshot of everyday life in the 1890s.

“Real three-dimensional evidence that is fabulous. In the Schifferdeckers we have very few pieces of their past, but now we have over 400, ”said Brad Belk, JHN historian.

These are pieces of plates and glasses, kitchen utensils, tools and even a toy train.

“It’s just a car. There was another car but it’s completely destroyed after the reconnaissance, ”Colson said.

Some of the most intact artifacts will be on display when the museum opens. All parts will be recorded and stored according to archival standards until then.

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