Discovery of ancient artifacts at Fort Talajah to help promote tourism: CM


LAHORE – Following a successful expedition by archaeologists, authentic artefacts thousands of years old have been discovered in Talajah Fort in Soon Valley, official document said citing Archeology Department chairman from the University of the Punjab, Dr Muhammad Hameed, who said that the architecture of the houses and artefacts found in Talajah Fort bore traces of the Muslim population there.

Commenting on the find, Chief Minister Usman Buzdar said in a statement that the discovery of archaeological and historical sites, artifacts and developing tourist spots will make Punjab a hub for tourism. “Such discoveries will attract foreign tourists and researchers, in addition to boosting the local economy,” he said.

Dr Hameed said that according to local traditions, Talajah Fort was built 5,000 years ago, but according to preliminary research it is around 2,000 years old. He said it was a presumption that archaeological and historical sites before the Muslim era in South Asia can also be discovered from Talajah Fort. He further said that according to local tradition, Muslims lived in the fort before the arrival of Jalaluddin Khawarizmi, the ruler of Central Asia. “Authentic statement may be possible after excavation and research on the residential block and the rest of the city located on 22 acres of land at Talajah Fort,” he said, adding that the find at Talajah Fort may reveal many facts for archaeologists, in addition to promoting tourism. Archaeologists further revealed that the research team also discovered manuscripts carved on the stone from the Mehmood Ghaznavi era during an excavation at Nandana Fort.

The document said Buzdar’s government had taken another important step in promoting tourism as the discovery and preservation of millennial archaeological and historical sites in Punjab was underway. “According to the vision of the Chief Punjab Minister Usman Buzdar, the archeology team from the University of Punjab Khushab arrived and started working on the outskirts of tehsil Nowshera,” he added.


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