Bowers and the Stack family honored by ANA for their philanthropy


Q. David Bowers and the Stack family, prominent names in American numismatics, will be honored with the American Numismatic Association Philanthropy Award for “their pioneering success in the numismatic community” and their contributions to the Association at the fair World Organization Money in August in Rosemont, Illinois.

Bowers is a prolific numismatic writer active in the industry since the 1950s who, according to the ANA press release, “helped the Association financially, professionally and culturally”. He served on the ANA Board of Governors for six years, was president of the association from 1983 to 1985, and was inducted into the ANA Numismatics Hall of Fame in 1994. He is the author from Centennial History of the American Numismatic Association, published in 1991.

The press release also mentions his national media appearances, his lectures at Harvard, and numerous books and articles. He wrote World Currency “The Joys of Collecting” section until the end of 2021; Bowers had written for World Currency for over 60 years.

The ANA press release states that the Stack family “have generously contributed to the ANA” and praises the family’s many contributions to American numismatics. According to New York Times’ Harvey Stack January 2022 obituary. Stack’s held its first auction in 1935.

Individual members of the Stack family have won a wide range of numismatic awards and served in several recreational institutions, including the ANA. Harvey Stack is mentioned several times in the press release, noting his services as official auctioneer at numerous ANA conventions and his support of the association, as well as his testimony to Congress in 1995 and his role in the development of a standardized parts classification system. Harvey Stack often contributed guest commentary to World Currency.

The Stack family won the ANA Medal of Merit in 1982 and its Lifetime Achievement Award in 2010. According to the press release, “The Stack family has been instrumental in building some of the most great assemblages of their time, and they cultivated relationships with esteemed collectors to grow the hobby nationally.

The ANA Philanthropy Award “honours and publicly recognizes substantial contributions made to the Association in support of its strategic mission that helps develop, enhance, and sustain the hobby,” the press release explains. The award was established in 2017 and was first presented at the National Money Show in Irving, Texas in March 2018.

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