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Diona, the little bartender from Cat’s Tail, is featured in the second banner of Genshin Impact 2.2, Flowering time.

This support character has the benefits of healing and providing shields at the same time, making her a great pug and game character.

Here is our ultimate guide to reaching Diona’s full potential.

Who is Diona?

A young woman who inherited traces of non-human blood. Although she is a bartender, she is not a fan of the taste of alcohol.

He’s not a big fan of Diluc either. Venti is allergic to her and her father is Draff, the leader of the Spring Vale hunters.

  • She is a 4 Star Cryo Bow User with great defensive support capabilities.
  • Diona’s Elementary skill is his best trait, provides a shield that reduces stamina and triggers elemental reactions.
  • Diona can be a low investment character. However, it is quite accessible and its constellations offer significant improvements.
  • Cryo in Genshin Impact is very viable with powerful reactions. Good to break the Electro Shields that we find very often in Inazuma.

Diona Plug & Play Support

  • Diona is a healer who offers excellent utility in most team builds.
  • She is able to create shields and recover HP from allies.
  • Its AoE Elemental Burst heals and allows several cryogenic reactions.
  • Diona Elemental Skill generates a powerful shield that reduces stamina consumption.
  • However, she is spongy, with low DEFENSE and low base HP.

Best weapons





4 stars Sacrificial bow Energy recharge After dealing damage to an opponent with an elemental skill, the skill has an 80% chance to end its own CD every 16s
4 stars Favorite War Bow Energy recharge CRIT hits have a 100% chance to generate a small amount of elemental particles, which will regenerate 6 energy for the character every 6 sec

Sacrificial Bow vs. Fanovious War Bow

  • The benefits of both weapons are useful in Diona, to the point that there is intense debate about which Bow is best for her.
  • Rather than contributing to the controversy, we’ll explain the benefits of each.
  • Sacrificial bow has a chance to brush up on Diona’s abilities, which happens quite often.
  • Favorite War Bow can provide energy particles that can be used by any member of the party, which also happens quite often.
  • Both options are F2P compatible, so players can use the one that best suits their playstyle.

Diona’s best artifacts

To build

Set 1

Set 2

Statistics needed

Better Nobility obliges Nobility obliges Energy recharge or HP / HP / Healing bonus or HP
To replace Nobility obliges beloved lady Energy recharge / HP / Healing bonus or HP
  • Nobility obliges will increase his Burst damage and increase the ATK of his allies after casting his Elemental Burst.
    • Diona’s healing ladder with her max HP. Players should prioritize HP and Energy recharge stats.
    • If you’re using Favonious Warbow, Crit RATE stats come in handy.
  • Beloved girl will increase its healing abilities. However, increasing his shield strength can provide similar benefits.

Diona Best team




Main DPS Ganyu Cryo
Under DPS Mona Hydroelectric
Elementary reaction Venti Anemo
Support Diona Cryo

Diona is one of the best plug-and-play characters. It can be integrated into most team compositions. However, there are some top notch options.

  • If you are one of the lucky travelers with Ganyu on your team, Morgan is a big party. Diona is the healer, battery and supporter of the shield.
  • Spray teams up with Bennet, Xingqiu, and the Pyro DPS of your choice. Diluc, Hu Tao, Klee.

Talent priorities

Diona is a support character, so we recommend that you upgrade her normal attacks as a last priority. Frozen paws should be the first priority for players, followed by Signature blend.

Diona will appear in the character banner starting at November 2, 2021.

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